Revery Concept Art

Gallery Update: New Revery Concept Art!

Hey look! A new blog post! And a new little logo title thingamabob!

But mostly: NEW REVERY CONCEPT ART! It’s been a minute, but I finally, randomly, decided to produce a piece of concept art for the story that I will eventually get off my butt and tell. There’s a lot of work to be done, more world building, updating and editing the existing story and thumbnails, and then actually drawing the thing, but a step forward is a step closer.

This is the first piece of concept art I have done for Revery

Gallery Update: Willy McEyeballs

Um, no, that’s not yet another new logo…it’s been there this whole time…why?

Anywhat, I managed to get some solid hours in the studio the last few days and “finished” the Willy McEyeballs piece. I say “finished” because I’m never really done with any of the art I make. I always see problems, things I meant to fix and forgot, things I want to improve and tighten up. But, I think I need to move on from this one. For now.

Let’s take a quick look back at where this piece started. I was going to show some more transitional stages, but

WIP: Work In Progress

Alrighty, I’m adding another semi-regular blog entry called WIP, which stands for “work in progress”. I thought it might be fun to share my process as it evolves as well as let people see what I’m currently working on, regardless of it’s state of finish. The images from these posts won’t make it into the gallery until the image is done, though. Hopefully it will give me more material to post about as well as help keep me on track and focused on finishing things, which can be tough when I have so many ideas and so many distra-look! Squirrel!


Sketchbook: Revery concept sketches

While I’ve been working on several other projects, trying to get this site up and going, trying to get the Etsy shop started, and other “stuff”, I’ve had my in-the-works graphic novel Revery on my mind. A lot. I’m itching to get back to work on it, and maybe, I dunno, finish it. I have more ideas for that world that I want to eventually get to, but I have to finish volume 1 first. I had pretty much figured I was done writing and thumbnailing it, but last night, on our way over to our local mountain for some

The Final Piece of Revery Concept Art

It’s Monday, my monkeys, which means I’ve updated the PMD Brainism and posted a new image to the gallery.  The new image is yet another early digital drawing and the final piece of concept art I generated for Revery.  I call this one Claw Face Ambush, because the two main characters are being ambushed by Claw Faces.  Crazy, right? So, yes, the human is me.  Revery was sparked by a series of weird dreams I had many years ago, which I combined with the lifetime I’ve spent wandering imaginary worlds in my head.  The result is hopefully a tangible manifestation

Mondays Are For Plungers

Okay, it’s update time on this snow day. I’ve decided that, for now, I’ll add a new PMD Brainism on Monday’s.  The image will stay static…but I may change that once I finish up some other odds and ends in the future. For now, be entertained by what my brain thinks is important to tell me at all hours of the day.

I added a new image to the gallery, another concept piece and early digital drawing: The Rogue Dream Squad. It’s from that graphic novel I keep referencing (but not finishing)-Revery.  The two Cobblies are Gwan and Jeeto, members of

King of the Cobblies

I just posted a new old image to the gallery, another concept piece from Revery (which I will finish! I promise! It’s all plotted and thumb-nailed, the first 15 or so pages are drawn…I just need to get a few other projects out of the way and iron out a few work flow issues).  This is King Belain, King of the Cobblies (which is what he and Adarax are). Instead of just posting the “finished” concept art here as well as the gallery, I thought I’d post the initial rough sketch. Pencil drawing is still my favorite, I love the

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