So, Uh, How’s Everybody Doing?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. I’ve been mostly keeping up with the shorter posts on FB and Instagram, but I thought I might get a little rambly, so I figured a blog post might be better.

First up, we are all healthy and fine in our household, and so far I can say

Obsession, Compulsion, and a Hobby.

So. This is my first post in how long? I have no idea where the summer has gone.

That’s a lie. Time passes as it always does, and I continue to be oblivious to it’s passage until a big enough chunk of it to be noticed has slipped away. I also am aware of the things

Another Torso Decoration for You, and One for Me!

Wow, four weeks, four shirts posted to my Etsy shop! So far, I’m sticking to alternating between a PMD related shirt and some of my other designs, we’ll see how long that holds up, especially as I get through the existing designs and start generating new stuff. I actually didn’t tweak this week’s design

Tablet Art: Smile For The Camera

Right. So, once again, there’s been a gap in posting. There’s been a gap in studioing, too (yes, I’m making that a verb). I had to spend a week performing my civic duty by serving on a jury in a particularly disturbing trial. If not for the subject matter, the whole experience was actually kind

Gallery Update: Merry Plunger-mas!

The first month of 2o17 is almost in the books, but it’s not too late to post about xmas, right? I hope not, because I have several posts coming up somewhat related to that. I’ve been trying to finish up the book cover for the fourth Thea: The Little Witch series. I’m currently awaiting approval.

Life and Stuff…

Wow, it’s been quite a while, hasn’t it? There are lots of reasons for that. Summer vacation started, which means my studio hours get seriously truncated and interrupted. Two of my sons decided to have medical problems that required some surgery (one of them an emergency case, but both are fine and back to driving

Gallery Update: Baby’s Are Like Squids…

I’m finding it difficult to not spend all my studio time working on It’s Plunger Monkey Dynamo Time!, I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I’m making some progress towards some big goals/ambitions…but I’m completely not touching some others. Hrm. I need better time management skills, but that’s nothing new.



Well, it’s the first full week of school, and with all the after school stuff going on, the start up of Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts looming, family events, and other obligations and projects, I haven’t settled into a studio schedule yet. However, I do try to take advantage of whatever un-busy moments I have

Studio Stuff: The Yin Yang Hat

Since I was crazy busy last week getting ready for company to spend the weekend while simultaneously getting my oldest ready for his week at Boy Scout camp, today is the perfect day for a Studio Stuff update.

yin yang hat Meet The Yin Yang Hat.

I bought this

Gallery Update/Current Projects: The Evolution of Ostogri

I don’t have any new art to post at the moment, though I have been generating some. I’ve been plugging away at those t-shirt designs (all the while learning cool new Photoshop tricks to stream line things), which I hope to have done…sometime. I’m looking forward to having a good smattering of designs for sale

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