Project Description

Inktober 2020 Day #14: Armor. If one is to draw armor, one might as well draw squid armor. I’ve had a concept kicking around the back of my Brain for many years now for different animal and elemental themed armor designs, with squid being one of the more prominent ones. It could still use some development, but it’s heading in the right direction. One of the big design elements in my head was the gauntlets, which have the classic diamond shaped squid “hand” as a hand guard, as well as suction cups on the inside of the forearm, because why not? The legs could use some further designing, and I originally had some different thoughts about the chest and shoulder armor, but decided to go with simple for the chest and nautilus shells for the shoulders. The sword could use some more brainstorming, too. I like the idea of a squid body or tentacles as the guard, but didn’t get to develop it in this image due to the pose.

I’m still reeling a bit from the tragedy last week. We’ve got a candlelight vigil on Thursday and memorial service on Saturday, which are going to be tough. Hopefully they will bring some closure to everyone’s grief and I’ll be able to get my head back to where it was earlier last Tuesday. I probably won’t be able to make a big push to catch up on Inktober prompts until next week, but I’m going to try to get at least one done a day this week.