Project Description

Inktober 2020 Day #17: Storm. I really struggled with my idea for this one. I kept thinking about the X-Men character Storm and doing some kind of PMD take on her, but thought it would be too common an idea. Then I thought about bringing back my random superhero from Inktober 2018, Thunder Cactus, and having him team up with The Electric Plunger on sort of a comic book cover thing, but couldn’t get it to work itself out (though I was happy with some aspects of the sketch, I just wasn’t feeling it overall).

I gave up for a while, rand some errands, then came back to the prompt after everyone went to bed. My rough idea was PMD using a squid as an umbrella, and I didn’t exactly deviate much from that. I could have developed it a bit more, done a little more with the tentacles perhaps, and the way they function as a rain shield (or not), could have worked more on the way I drew the rain to convey the whole “storm” idea better. In the end though, I kind of half stumbled into an idea for yet another project (which I kinda sorta already thought about at one point): uses and modes for your Multi-Purpose Novelty Squid. Its in the same vein as my Totally Reasonable Uses for Plunger book idea I came up with last xmas, so I’ll probably be jotting ideas down as they come to me, much like I have been for the other idea. No timetable yet for serious work on that project, but it should be a fun one when I get to it.