Project Description

Inktober Day #10: Throw. I had two ideas for this one. The one I didn’t got with was PMD throwing something, either a sign that said “YEET” (that’s a thing all the kids are saying these days when they throw stuff…comes from a meme or something I think) or a squid. The other idea, being a martial artist, was a Judo throw. I looked up some reference to get a cool pose, but I struggled with what he should be hip-throwing. A big teddy bear? A squid? Then it dawned on me: Mokujin. Mokujin was the living wooden training dummy in the Tekken fighting game franchise that I have loved and played since it’s first incarnation over 20 years ago (egads…). One would have almost thought drawing a simple wooden dummy that’s basically just a bunch of cylinders would be straight forward and quick. Not so much. In addition to the texturing (which I’m not entirely thrilled with, but it is what it is), I had forgotten Mokujin has all these chains hanging off him…those were tedious.

Anyway, I’m crowning Plunger Monkey the King of the Iron Fist Tournament (actually, it would be pretty dang cool if he appeared in the franchise some day…it wouldn’t even be out of character for the game, considering there was Roger the kangaroo-with baby in pouch-Gon the dinosaur, Kuma the bear, Panda…)