Project Description

INKTOBER 52 2023 Day #31: BOX.

“I have always loved sword and sorcery novels. There are so many series and authors I have yet to dig into. I knew about Terry Prachett and his Discworld novels, I heard about them for years, but I didn’t read my first one until later in life. His writing is hilarious, brilliant, and very entertaining. His characters are easy to get attached to, and everything has a heavy dose of absurdity and silliness (which we’ve established repeatedly I am a fan of). One of my favorite characters is ‘luggage’, which showed up in some of the Rincewind the Wizard series of books. It is a chest made of ‘sapient pearwood’, and this is my visualization based on Prachett’s descriptions. It is a piece of luggage with many legs that follows its owner everywhere, and nothing can stop it from getting to its owner (it will cross oceans and smash through walls if needed). It is sentient, and when needed, will defend its owner by suddenly baring teeth and consuming threats, often setting a trap by first opening it’s lid to display gold to lure its victim. It would appear to have some interdimensional qualities, as it can hold an unlimited amount of clothing and souvenirs…as well as ruffians or other enemies.

One of the many things I love about Terry Prachett is just how prolific he was. He wrote 41 novels in the Discworld series, and I’ve only read maybe a dozen. I intend to read them all. They focus on different characters and different parts of the Discworld, but they all kind of intersect in fun ways. Sadly, he passed away in 2015, so I’ll have to savor the stories I have left to read. His humor and style definitely resonate with me, so I’m happy this prompt inspired this idea for me.”