Project Description

INKTOBER 52 2024 Week #22: DUCKS.

“Donald Duck and Daffy Duck. Perhaps not separated at birth, but second cousins maybe? I wonder what it was about ducks that caused both Disney and Warner Brothers to create temperamental characters? I spent countless hours of my youth being entertained by both of these wacked out waterfowl. The visual evolution of both ducks is neat, but the character evolution of Daffy is particularly interesting to me. In the early cartoons, he was kind of an early Bugs Bunny clone as far as personality. He was goofy, absurd, and, appropriately, loony. At some point he developed his own personality, and especially when he was paired with Bugs, he was often the butt of the jokes, a perpetual victim with bad things befalling him (like getting his bill shot off by Elmer Fudd due to Bugs’ mind games). He could be hot tempered and prone to fits, not unlike the way Donald would lose his cool, too.
I’ve stated before that I believe each of us as creative individuals are the sum of our influences, even the minor ones. Both Disney and Loony Toons cartoons were a big part of my formative years that were key ingredients of the subconscious gumbo that fermented into Plunger Monkey. Does gumbo ferment? I don’t even know what gumbo is other than I know it’s food and it’s a fun word on its own. I’m certainly no chef, but it sounds vaguely like appropriate cooking terminology to me, so just go with it.”

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