Project Description

INKTOBER 52 2024 Week #27: FREE.

“There were a lot of different directions I could have gone with this one, the word ‘free’ has a lot of meanings. I actually asked my wife and kids (and one of their girlfriends) to do a quick word association thing just to help steer me in a direction. I got plenty of good responses (and quite a few off the wall ones from one of my kids, like a banana slug…and for the record he’s not little, he’s technically an adult. But he’s also related to me, soooo…). In the end, I just smashed together a bunch of ideas: PMD, free as a bird, in freefall offering a free sample to the embodiment of U.S. freedom-a bald eagle.
Given that this prompt came out on Independence Day, it would have been very easy to slip into something political or overly patriotic. I try to avoid politics publicly because it tends to get divisive, and I think there is a long-standing problem with blind patriotism and its symbolism. PMD is all about bringing people together. I think he can appeal to everyone, spreading humor and happiness to all, so anything that dipped too much into the realm of politics and patriotism wouldn’t be right. I believe it is the fundamental right of all living, sentient beings to be free, so long as one’s freedom does not impede that of someone else. PMD represents being free to be one’s true self, unhindered by the judgement of others, pursuing one’s passions, being kind and cheerful to all, and enjoying one’s life for however long it lasts.”

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