Project Description

INKTOBER 2023 Day #14: CASTLE.

“By the power of Plunger Skull…
This was time consuming, but I had to do it. The focus is obviously the castle, but I wanted to throw He-Monkey in there. I drew once before in an Inktober 52 2023 prompt, which I guess means he may become a regular alter-ego if another appropriate prompt comes along. I enjoy referencing the things from my childhood that inspired me as a creator, and I particularly enjoy dressing Plunger Monkey up to look like other characters. He-Man was one of those cartoon and toy properties that helped define my youth, and probably gave me my first understandings of and interest in drawing beefy human anatomy. The character designs were always fun and creative, and the action figures all had some unique function, like a spring-loaded punching arm, a fuzzy coating, extending limbs, or even a foul odor. I never owned the Castle Greyskull set, but some of my friends did. It was such an awesome toy design…and for all those familiar with it, you can’t tell me the dome on top doesn’t resemble PMD’s plunger at least a little bit…”

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