Project Description

INKTOBER 2023 Day #17: DEMON.

“…I may have gotten a little carried away with this one. It clocks in at just about eight hours over a few sessions. So many fun details and textures, plus drawing samurai stuff is just cool (says the martial artist of several decades…). It also sparks yet another idea for me to add to my never-ending list of projects.
For those not familiar with them, PMD is wearing an Oni – or demon – mask with his samurai armor. It was a common practice among the samurai, as it not only protected the face, but also struck fear into the hearts of their enemies. The masks were also worn for various traditional ceremonies and performances. Some helmets were more ornate than others, often reflecting the samurai’s tastes and interests, or were adorned with familial symbols and crests, which helped a warrior stand out on the battlefield.
It’s hard not to be intrigued and fascinated by samurai and samurai culture. It gets romanticized quite a bit, and there are certainly some less pleasant aspects to it, to put it mildly. But the beauty of the armor, the skill and discipline of the warrior, and the notorious willpower and mental fortitude associated with the samurai are all immensely appealing and inspiring, at least to me (and some guy named George Lucas or something).”

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