Project Description


“This was another prompt I didn’t think I had a solid idea for. What I came up with didn’t feel very witty or overly absurd, it didn’t reference anything from my childhood or something that has influenced me, which are some of the criteria I strive for. I still feel underwhelmed about my concept, but it was fun to draw (and took a lot longer than I expected). Overall, I would say I’m relatively pleased with my line quality and composition, too.
One idea that was kind of in the back of my mind while designing this comes from my time spent as a scoutmaster. Watching out for the health and safety of the scouts is one of the primary responsibilities of that role, even during activities most people wouldn’t think twice about. There is a document the adult leaders have to abide by that is affectionately known as ‘The Big Book of No Fun’, which lists all the activities that are prohibited, as well as what safety precautions must be taken and safety equipment that must be used for the approved activities. Being the kind of person I am, whenever the scouts planned something and the topic of safety had to be addressed, I would always add a life jacket to the list of safety gear, regardless of said activity’s proximity to water. Indoor rock climbing? We need helmets, proper shoes, harnesses…and life jackets. Cycling? Helmet, a tuned-up bike, maybe knee and elbow pads…and a life jacket. Hiking? Good footwear, water, clothes for the weather, the ’10 Essentials’…and a life jacket. I don’t know if anyone else has found that as funny as I do. This reminds me, though, PMD should probably have a helmet…”

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