As I mentioned sometime last week, I’ve opted to put 10 Things on hold for a bit and put some effort into a handful of t-shirt designs so I can get my Etsy store up and running.  I have 3, in addition to the It’s Plunger Monkey Dynamo Time shirt,  PMD designs that are almost done, another one that’s in sketch form, and then several non-PMD more graphic designs that I think might be cool.The original plan was to pump them all out in a week, but I grossly underestimated how much time my obsessive self would take to finish a design. So, it will spill over into next week. I also have a project for a friend (super top secret, I’ve said too much already, I may have to kill everyone now) that is simmering in the background while I finish the shirt designs. I also have a few shirt designs sketched out for our week at Cub Scout camp this summer. I did a design for last summer, based on the camp’s theme for the year, so that all the kids (and adults) in our pack would be color coordinated and thus easier to spot and keep track of amongst the throngs of excited Cub Scouts. Last year was about space, this year is Cubs of the Round Table, which should be awesome.

Anywhat, while I’m cranking on art that I can’t really post up here until the Etsy shop goes live, I’ll entertain everyone with a pair of random doodles I did several years ago for my cousin, Alex (who, by the way, shows up as an army of toddlers in the opening pages of Revery…don’t ask me, my brain dreamed it, I’m just drawing what my brain says to keep it happy…). I think I did these in a sketch book I had given him when he showed an interest in art, but he would have to confirm that. I’ll stick these two images in the gallery, too, just cuz.


In case it’s not overly obvious, this is Chicken Monkey. Completely random, out of no where, just popped into my head moments before I drew it.


Another stream of consciousness doodle, my hand just did what some weird, deep part of my brain told it to.

I’m not sure why I spelled MacDoogle that way, but “MacDoogle” as a last name is an old inside joke with my best friend Jorj.  Basically, we entertained the notion of creating a video game one day, and we sat down to toss around some story ideas, gameplay mechanics, and character names. They were all made up, fantasy-type names, until we got stuck. I believe Jorj paused ever so slightly, and then suggested “MacDoogle”, which sent us both into fits of laughter, because, well, it didn’t take much to do that to us.  For the next, I dunno, several hours it seemed, we kept coming up with character names and randomly tacking on “MacDoogle” as a last name. We both knew one of us was going to say it on almost every name suggested, but we couldn’t help but fall into hysterics each time. It was almost one of those things where it was hilarious at first, then a little less so, then almost annoying (but we couldn’t stop ourselves, we were compelled), and then full circle to hilarious again for the simple fact that we had said it so many times it sounded weird. That’s just the kind of stuff I do with Jorj…


I may make Random Doodle-age a recurring “thing” here as I get more organized and I knock a few of those projects off my list.