This might be a slightly awkwardly crafted blog entry, as I’ll be talking about one of my dear friends and her battle with cancer. I won’t reveal names out of respect for her and her family’s privacy, but my friend just passed the half way point of her chemotherapy treatments, so I thought maybe this would be an appropriate time to make this post and to share the image I made for her.


Plunger Monkey knows cancer doesn’t stand a chance.

This is an image I created for my dear friend who is battling cancer yet again and was going to be going through chemotherapy. Again. I’ve known her since college, she was part of a close knit group of oddball art friends (she’s a very talented illustrator) that also included me and Jorj, and she is one of those people in my life that no matter how long it’s been since I’ve seen her or spoken to her, we pick right back up as if we saw each other yesterday. She had similar social difficulties as well as passions, and we just seemed to “get” each other. She has always been very particular about her appearance, especially her “iconic” hair. When it was discovered that she’d be losing her hair again and donning her old wig, her spouse organized an effort amongst friends and loved ones to either shave their heads in solidarity or to Photoshop my friend’s unique hair style onto their own, both to be used as FaceBook profile pictures and posters they have hanging in their house as a constant reminder of the support network she has. They are both huge fans and supporters of Plunger Monkey Dynamo (I even make sure to draw him doing something wacky on their annual xmas card envelopes), so I decided I needed to find a way to use him to show them my love and support. So, PMD has my friend’s iconic wig on top of his own iconic plunger. I had this image made into t-shirts for them so they could wear them and maybe smile a little when things get rough, to know that lots of people are thinking of them and supporting them through what will be, I’m certain, another successful battle with the big C (her prognosis is good, it having been caught early). While I do have plans to produce some PMD t-shirts, this image will not be one up for sale, it’s just for them (unless, of course, I suddenly become hugely famous, PMD is known by every man, woman, and child across the globe, and producing mass quantities of this shirt can help raise funds for cancer research and treatment. Otherwise, they will remain 2 of a kind).

me and my hand with cats hair

Myself and Mr. Handface are showing our support, as well.

Now, if my friend would only listen to me and stop getting cancer, she needs a new hobby. Save some for the rest of us!