Alright, just to clear the air: I have not seen the movie nor read the book, and I have ZERO intention to, but I couldn’t resist the play on words as a title for this entry. Forgive me.

Anywhat, *gasp*, right? A second post this week? I told you, I have a bunch of plans and ideas, I’m just struggling to make the time to get around to them. But, since I did pass a small milestone this week with drawing my 50th manga self portrait, I didn’t want to wait too long without doing something fun to mark the occasion. I don’t have the time to sit and upload the 50 plus individual portraits to the gallery, but if you’re interested in seeing them one at a time, they’re posted on the TOBYSBRAIN Face Book page. I did tile them together Brady Bunch style and post them that way to the gallery here, though (1-16, 17-32, 33-48. I’m waiting to post 49-current until I have enough to fill up another page).

I also slapped the first 50 portraits into a GIF for your entertainment:


Gaze at the endless loop of my face making faces at you and just try to not go insane.

So there. Was that commemorative enough, or should I have plates or coins made or something?

Hopefully I’ll have time to prep another post for the start of next week…