With all the ups and downs in studio time I experience, I’m pretty happy to have pumped out the 100th cartoon self portrait. I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable drawing myself without picture reference and I’m much more willing to push expressions to their extremes without crossing that undefined “realism” line. Now that I have 100 under my belt, I’ll be looking to change things up a little. I haven’t figured out how, yet, but I think this milestone is a good point for it, whatever it will be. I’ll still continue doing the daily self-portraits, they have become a nice little ritual and serve as the warm up to any other art I have time to make during the day. I also want to continue to improve the way I draw myself so I’m ready once my art schedule clears up and I can return to Revery. In the meantime, here’s the last 20 portraits.

Manga-style self-portrait practice

I liked the addition of word balloons, they added another element of fun to this project.

Manga-style self-portrait practice

The final four, I quite like #100. #98 looks a lot creepier than it was supposed to…

So there you have it. I know everyone is sick of seeing my face at this point, but this is what I’m doing right now. I should have returned to 10 Things late last week, but a special project cropped up that I want to get done soon. Unfortunately, there have been a few school cancellations and 2 hour delays at school, which always messes up my studio time (particularly the 2 hour delays), so I’ve only worked on it once. Hopefully that’s on the plate for today.

In other news, someone tell it to snow more. This winter hasn’t been winter yet.