Project Description

I was really unhappy with the way Day 11 turned out, I used almost all brush tip. I worked form photo reference for all but Days 1 and 2, and this photo was a cool one to try to draw, I just didn’t translate it well. 12 is one I’m relatively happy with, having gone back to the ballpoint pen and Gellyroll combo. I was going for some almost comedic distortion, though I don’t know if it reads quite like that. For 13 I decided to make use of my greyscale Copics to see if I could speed up my drawing process (the thick tips covering more surface area to create tones). It has some anatomy problems, but I like the tones and lighting effect I pulled off. Day 14 is really strong, I think. One of the side goals of Inktober for me was to get better at drawing heads and faces in general, but mine in particular, for when I start working on my graphic novel Revery again. Hence, I started playing with more dramatic lighting and camera angles.