Inktober 2019 PMD: Ancient

Project Description

Another prompt that took some thinking to come up with an idea, though I honestly don’t remember the flow of thoughts that settled on hieroglyphics for “ancient”. This looks really simple, but it was incredibly difficult for me force myself to stick to this “style” with the limited details and uniform line weight. I thought about trying to do this as if it were a relief carving, but decided I didn’t trust myself NOT to go way overboard and be up all night working on it. I think this one would benefit from some color, since it was inspired by the painted hieroglyphics. It was also a great reminder of the speed of working digitally: those eight monkeys were extremely tedious to make them as close to identical as I was capable of.

Speaking of eight monkeys…yes, that was a specific reference…

Please let me know what you think, it makes my brain happy.

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