Inktober 2019 PMD: Ride

Project Description

Maybe someday everyone will be waiting in a line to get on a Plunger Monkey “ride”? I’ve always entertained the notion that my comic book and fantasy ideas and creations would one day result theme parks, I hadn’t really considered PMD as a feature, though. I think I can blame a childhood admiration for Walt Disney for that. What’s interesting is my ideas for a theme park always involved an immersive experience, like one would enter the park and everything would feel like a different world from the plants to people walking around in character to the buildings to the wildlife, etc. Kind of like what Galaxy’s Edge and the Avatar parks seem to be doing. I guess that validates my crazy ideas a bit. After this drawing, though, my theme park ideas are changing a little…like, instead of being centered around one or two of my unfinished graphic novel ideas, maybe the whole park is just Toby’s Brain…

Please let me know what you think, it makes my brain happy.

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