Project Description

Inktober 2020 Day #11: Disgusting. I had a hard time with the idea for this one. I kind of wanted to draw PMD reacting to something disgusting, a la Calvin and a plate of his mom’s cooking, but I did something like that for the “ripe” prompt on the last day of Inktober last year. I couldn’t quite come up with something that PMD would find disgusting, either. I’m sure there’s something, I just haven’t encountered it yet. The best I came up with was him burping, and chunks spewing out. I thought it would be pretty hilarious if he was holding up signs that said “burp” too, instead of making noise. There was still some loose Calvin and Hobbes inspiration here, as there were a series of strips with Calvin burping at the dinner table and having amusing answers for his mom when she would ask him “what do you say?”. Not a super creative image, but fun to draw none-the-less.