Project Description

Inktober 2021 Day #30: SLITHER. Okay, this one might be a bit out there. It certainly wasn’t the direction I thought I was going to go in. My original ideas had something to do with PMD performing some snake-style kung fu or something. I wasn’t super into it, so I turned to Google. The vast majority of the image results I got just from “slither” were art and screen shots from the mobile game Slither.IO, which I’ve played but not much and haven’t even really thought about in years. The game came out in early 2016, and that summer, one of our sons landed in the ER with a serious medical issue (the first, but not last time). While he was dealing with the pain of what was going on, and stuck full of tubes and wires, we played this game together on my phone. A lot. It helped take his mind off what was going on, and it certainly helped distract me from my worries, too. This is my twist on the game’s logo. This one took my mind somewhere I was not expecting.