Project Description


“I didn’t get super creative or weird with this one, I used it more or less as an excuse to once again draw one of Plunger Monkey’s alter-egos ‘Gorilla Monkey Dynamo’. That and I felt like practicing some extreme anatomy using a more traditional superhero comic style of hatching. Despite growing up reading superhero comics and drawing a lot of inspiration and motivation from the art, I have always had a hard time rendering in ink using that style. Maybe it’s my previously mentioned fear of committing to large black patches and shapes, which imply detail (if done correctly), rather than drawing every little detail and contour. There is a method, or a process to approaching drawing that way. I’ve read about it. I’ve watched tutorials explaining it. I have studied it. It just doesn’t come quite naturally to me. I will figure it out one of these days.
I enjoy drawing anatomy in general, especially muscles in action. Beefy comic book superheroes were one of my two main inspirations to start working out as a kid, in the hopes that I, too, would get huge and then all my bullies would leave me alone. Over three decades later, I can’t say I’ve ever achieved anything close to a superhero physique. While bigger muscles are cool, at some point I realized I’d much rather be able to DO certain things, than look a certain way, which has influenced the way I workout. I want to have the fitness to hike, bike, swim, climb, kayak, snowboard, and perform manual labor in my yard or on my house. I want to train to be proficient in some specific areas, too, whether that’s related to martial arts or things like gymnastics strength skills or competing on American Ninja Warrior. Gorilla Monkey Dynamo kind of represents my youthful vision of what I wanted to look like someday during my early years of working out…minus the body hair…and the plunger hat.”

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