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INKTOBER 2023 Day #30: RUSH.

“I dare say if you get this reference, this song is now stuck in your head like it is mine. You’re welcome.
In case anyone can’t figure it out, there’s this ‘little’ hard rock and heavy metal band out of Canada called Rush. They formed in 1968 and could be considered to be pioneers in the genre. They had several decades of success before calling it quits around 2018. I can’t say I am or was a Rush super fan, but I know of them and I know and enjoy their music since I am an all-around metal fan. Geddy Lee – who PMD is imitating here (and for the record, I think having PMD’s sign with Rush’s lyrics lashed to the mic stand is hilarious) – has a pretty recognizable, iconic voice and the band has a very distinct sound.
I always wished I had learned to play an instrument. Musical affinity runs in my family both as singers and instrumentalists. My oldest son is a talented, multi-instrument-playing guy. Not me, though. I tried learning to play guitar many years ago but got sidetracked. Actually, now that I think about it, I used to practice in front of my oldest son when he was an infant and early toddler. I still have the guitar, I’ve just never been able to make the time to learn. Maybe if I cut back on sleep just a little bit more…”

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