Project Description


One almost would have thought this idea would have come together more easily considering we named one of our kids after a constellation. Plus, I’ve always enjoyed star gazing, though I don’t make as much time to do it these days. A clear night devoid of light pollution out in the woods camping, or down near the ocean at my “happy place” is such an awe-inspiring, Zen experience. I remember countless nighttime walks down to the restrooms at the beach I grew up at, looking up the whole time, wondering how many other galaxies and planets were out there. Was someone or something looking back? What would life on another world look like? I remember the amazing feeling the first time I realized that the cloudy ribbon across the sky was actually the Milky Way, something I couldn’t see from my house. The constellation Orion was one of the few I could pick out readily, aside from the Big Dipper, and I still look for it when I’m star gazing. I really need to make more time to look up at night again.

I considered a PMD constellation, but the concept of putting a plunger ON a constellation was too humorous to resist. I struggled a lot with figuring out how to represent the constellation and how I was going to render the night sky. I think I killed a few pens on this one. I’m not sure if there’s an “official” depiction of the constellation Orion, I found several variations. Some had the hunter standing, some kneeling. Some were holding a sword, some holding a club. Some had a lion skin in the left hand, some a shield, some a bow. None of them wore a plunger, though.