Project Description

INKTOBER 52 2023 Day #52: OLD.

“’The Old Monkey of the Mountain’, if you will. It’s a strange but undeniable quirk of humans to find faces or human-like features everywhere we look. Tree bark, leaves, dirt, toast, electrical outlets, spilled coffee, parking meters, and of course rocks, just to name a few. I’m sure there are many stone faces all over the world, equally famous in their own regions, but the one I am most familiar with is ‘The Old Man of the Mountain’ that used to sit on the side of Canon Mountain in Franconia, NH. I think I only got to see it once or twice before it collapsed in 2003, but there is a nice memorial park dedicated to it there now that still draws visitors. We have spent many years as a family traveling up to The White Mountains for hiking and camping, creating tons of memories, but that general area of Franconia Notch has always been one of our favorite spots. Lots of great peaks and trails, and of course incredible views. On one particular trip, we made the short hike up to Artist’s Bluff, not too far from where The Old Man once stood (though not where it would have been viewable). My wife captured a picture of me sitting atop a boulder, staring at the view and sketching (appropriately). PMD is kind of mimicking that shot.
Anywho, I wonder if other animals see their likenesses everywhere they look, too? Surely if any species does, it would most likely be one of our fellow simians…”

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