Project Description

INKTOBER 52 2024 Week #17: HISTORY.

“Chalk this interpretation up to one that it is less than obvious. No, I don’t think history is boring. Far from it, I actually find it fascinating and it can really get my creativity fired up, especially when I stop and think about just how much we don’t know and likely never will know. I enjoy a lot of the speculation about ancient civilizations, both the ones we have plenty of evidence for as well as the ones that are just theorized. It’s intriguing to think about what life was like tens of thousands of years ago, and it blows my mind that there are objects and art made by our ancestors that we can still see and touch centuries later, long after the individual has been forgotten. As a creative individual, I sometimes wonder if there’s anything I have or will create that will one day wind up in a museum, my existence otherwise forgotten, for future humans to wonder about.
In addition to learning about the art and culture, I like learning about the technology of the past, too. I think a lot of cultures had ways of dealing with things in incredibly ingenious ways that eventually evolved into modern technologies, but have since been ignored or forgotten, and I wonder if there are key aspects of ‘the old ways’ we are missing that could improve modern life.
Anyway, this image is a reference to all the art history classes I had in college. I did actually find them fascinating, but being a somewhat chronically sleep-deprived guy, as soon as the teacher lowered the lights and fired up the slide projector in the big auditorium, it was a battle to stay awake some days.”

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