Project Description

INKTOBER 52 2024 Week #25: ABDUCT.

“The notion that there is other intelligent life out there in the universe is very interesting. What would it look like? Would we even be able to recognize it? What have they learned that we haven’t, or vice versa? Will we ever find the signs of, let alone interact with it? It’s always been fertile ground for scientists and creative people to contemplate and explore. As someone who is more the latter than the former, I have great fun thinking about what kinds of worlds and environments may harbor life, what it might look like and act and interact. It’s very difficult to escape earth bias, though, and not just dream up things one would expect to find on earth. Organisms that have evolved similar strategies to the ones we are familiar with to survive and thrive on a completely different world.
The whole UFO and extraterrestrial phenomena have certainly captured my imagination since I was young, wondering not only if they were “out there”, but had they ever been here? There was even a period of time when I thought for sure I WAS an alien (despite, you know, resembling my whole family), but that was born out of being bullied and feeling ostracized at school in my early years. I thought it was the only logical explanation for the way my peers treated me. For the record, I stopped thinking that decades ago. And while I think it’s unlikely this planet has ever been visited by travelers from another galaxy or universe, it’s fun to think about. To paraphrase Calvin, however, perhaps the surest sign of intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us.”

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