Project Description

Here’s a double blast from the past-not only is this an image created in 2007, but it depicts myself and my best friend Jorj as we looked back in college in the late 90s, decked out in our trademarked apparel and ready for some Laser Tag action. We used to suit up and play in the halls and around campus in between classes with several other friends, it was a blast! Not so sure some of our fellow students would describe our antics that way…

Anywhat, this is another example of my pre-tablet digital days. The line art was drawn on Blue Line Pro 11×17 stock comic book pages, scanned, and painted in Photoshop with a mouse (and it shows). It wasn’t that long ago, but I can’t imagine how I got by without my tablet.


If you’ve ever even seen pictures of the UMass Dartmouth campus, which I personally love, you’ll realize the black and white sketch is probably more suited to the look of the campus…being that the campus is all concrete, weirdly cantilevered structures and has a reputation as “ugly” and “drab” and “depressing”. But, seriously, I loved the architecture.

This was actually a wedding present for my partner in crime here, Jorj. I think I prefer the pencil art to the color version.