Project Description

As I’ve mentioned in previous years, my best friend (and super talented writer) Bill and I share a deep love of all things Star Wars. I usually try to use that as a jumping off point for his annual envelope (there has been a plunger saber and a Grogu sporting a plunger hat in recent years, as well as some other Star Wars themed PMD art prior to the Totally Reasonable Uses for a Plunger theme I’ve been sticking to). I wasn’t thinking Star Wars when I wrote down “ear muffs” on my growing list of plunger uses, but when I decided to use it this year, I thought of two things: people holding things to their ears mimicking Princess Leia’s hair style from A New Hope and Lobot (Lando’s administrative aide on Cloud City in Empire Strikes Back). I wasn’t sure I could reference Lobot, though, since he doesn’t speak, so I went the “hair buns” route. I suppose I probably could have given PMD a Cloud City background and Bill would have gotten it and been able to explain it to his wife and young daughter (also a burgeoning Star Wars fan), but I thought this was funny.