I just posted a new old image to the gallery, another concept piece from Revery (which I will finish! I promise! It’s all plotted and thumb-nailed, the first 15 or so pages are drawn…I just need to get a few other projects out of the way and iron out a few work flow issues).  This is King Belain, King of the Cobblies (which is what he and Adarax are). Instead of just posting the “finished” concept art here as well as the gallery, I thought I’d post the initial rough sketch. Pencil drawing is still my favorite, I love the subtlety and the warmth, the simplicity of it. Digital pencil drawing still lacks something to me (which this image is), but it’s awfully close, and the ease with which I can make changes, try new things, and then switch (instantly, no less) to color without destroying or losing the pencils more than makes up for anything it lacks.