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Gallery Update: Moleskin Madness! Part C-Bell Unleashed

Yeah, I’m loving having this tablet to sneak in some extra work on. Not as much drawing on it at night as I would like yet, a lot of learning curve stuff for file management and customization and such, but it’s great for updating this place.

Speaking of updating, I’ll give a quick rundown of what I’ve been working on before tackling the subject of this post. I didn’t get anything done on IPMDT! today. I made a requested tweak to my latest cover for one of L.S. Gagnon’s witch books, then I started working on the next one. It should

Gallery Update: Moleskin Madness! Part 2-The Camping Strikes Back

Yes, kiddos, this is indeed my THIRD post this week. Having this tablet allows me to putter away at things during times when I’d normally not be able to be very productive (though right now, given the time of day, I could be in my studio, but I’m still recovering from being sick, my foot hurts, and lounging on the couch with my leg up is much more appealing than being in my studio chair right now).

Alright, time for round two of the recent moleskin sketching bonanza. These sketches were done while I was at Camp Carpenter with my youngest (still

Studio Stuff: My New Grown Up Pencil Box

What?! Another blog post?! Yes! Is the world coming to an end? I have no idea, but I’m going with “no”. I’m really loving having this digital sketchbook/tablet to get some work done at night. While unwinding in front of the tv, I did some relaxed doodling on a digital sketch I started last week at camp (I think I’m done with it, I’ll post it at some point), I uploaded another batch of moleskin sketches to the gallery (the post about those will come later this week), and now I’m writing this here post about my snazzy new pen

Gallery Update: Moleskin Madness! Part One-Enter the Random

Phew! I’m back! I managed to get quite a bit of drawing in during my two weeks at camp, thanks to my trusty moleskin sketchbook. However, I’m so behind on updating this site, that I still have some moleskin sketches from before I left to share. I don’t want to overload anyone with a super image intense post, so I’ll do this in three parts (all with snazzy titles). This particular post will contain the stuff from before camp, the second post will be from my first week of camp, and the third post will encompass my sketches from the

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