Project Description

Somehow we have arrived at the point where my oldest son graduated high school (I’m not old, YOU’RE old). Another parent organized a little retrospective for the students in slideshow form, which required digging up lots of old pictures. There was also a request for “secret” pictures of family congratulating the graduating seniors as a surprise after a very difficult year, not only wrapping up their high school careers and being thrust into the next phase of their lives, but doing so during a pandemic. I decided I had to take a page out of his elementary school yearbook and do another custom PMD illustration for him. This one very much echoes that original one from 8 years ago, but is much more polished (and in color…and sporting my custom paper texture). I think I turned this one around in a day, as I kept losing track of time and putting it off until I saw an email that the deadline was the following day. Unfortunately, due to the way the slideshow was set up at the outdoor graduation, my son never got to see this image, or any of the other childhood pictures I had passed along. I have since shared this with him in kind of a full circle kind of moment, for me at least.