Project Description

Inktober 2020 Day #24: Dig. Yes, it’s now “Inkvember”. Some “life” stuff got in the way and side tracked my Inktobering this year, so I’m a bit behind. I will finish all the prompts, if not this week, then next.

It’s going to be a toss up as to whether I pay homage to Star Wars or Calvin and Hobbes more this Inktober. This one harkens to the cover of the There’s Treasure Everywhere collection. Calvin has dug a hole and is showing Hobbes the worm he found. PMD doesn’t have a Hobbes (he’s kind of MY Hobbes), and obviously he’d dig up a squid and not a worm. And yes, he used a plunger as a shovel (which is another entry for the eventual Totally Legitimate Uses for Plunger book I’ll be doing at some point). This one went relatively quickly, I guess it’s a lot simpler than some of the other illustrations I’ve done this month. It’s still weird that if it doesn’t take a bajillion years I feel like I cheated or half-assed it. I need to get over that.