Project Description

First entry for Inktober 2020: Flight! I’ve decided to stick with the PMD theme again, as that was a lot of fun last year. Plus, after a few years, it might turn into a larger project…The Dictionary of PMD or something…

Anyway, the inspiration for this was, of course, Superman. I tried a different pose at first, but decided to look up images of the iconic, late, Christopher Reeve during his turn in the cape. Many actors have played Superman over the years, but he is the one I always envision when I think of the character.

I also brought back The Masked Plunger, this time with a cape, though. He made an appearance on one of last year’s xmas card envelopes, and I really liked that twist on PMD.

During this illustration, I discovered yet another thing I need to work on: rendering atmosphere, space, and planets.