Project Description

Inktober Day #26: Hide. Also, current mood. I sat and stared off into space in my studio for a few hours yesterday, unable to get my Brain working. There has been a lot going on in “real life”, tragedy, struggles, concerns, nostalgic day dreams, current state of the world…add to that having my Brain generally overflowing with ideas of things I want to do-comic projects, shirt designs, video game ideas, 3D printing ideas, sewing projects, book ideas-and I was just paralyzed, unable to put pencil to paper. It’s only mildly better today, but at least I was able to get a little drawing in (I hope to get some more tonight…if my Brain is ready to cooperate). It just so happened that the prompt I was working on kind of reflected how I was currently feeling.

On another note, I should probably make some PMD hoodies…(add that to the list of overflowing ideas…).