Project Description

Inktober 2020 Day #30: Ominous. I wasn’t quite sure what direction I was going to go with this one, but settled on PMD looming over a banana. I tried out several different camera angles with some thumbnails, which I never do with my Inktober illustrations, but went with this one. It was missing something, though. PMD needed to be holding something, but there was no obvious banana eating or preparing tool I could come up with. That’s when my wife said he should be holding a Multi Purpose Novelty Squid, because of course that’s what one would use to properly prepare a banana. I find this whole thing absurd and hilarious, which means I love it.

This was supposed to be a relatively simple and shorter illustration. After all, I just had to draw a banana, which is a simple shape, and a silhouette, which should have far less detail than a full figure. Yeah. About that. This took over 5 hours, and it’s apparently after 3am now. My neck, hands, and elbows are killing me, and there’s about 32 pounds of hatchmarks on this page. Goodnight.