Project Description

Inktober Day #18: MOON. It took a while to come up with this one. It’s another Calvin and Hobbes reference, this time to one of Calvin’s alter egos: the intrepid Spaceman Spiff. The spaceship is pretty much Spiff’s, but PMD’s costume is just loosely based on Spiff’s. I’ll call him Spacemonkey Spiff, or something. I’ve frequently written about how much I love Calvin and Hobbes, and how influential it is on me. One of the things I love about the strip is Calvin’s imagination. It’s deep and rich and something I can very much relate to. And of course Watterson’s art is just amazing. HIs brush work has so much life and energy, it has an element of simplicity and yet it conveys so much detail. It’s something I still want to learn from. My linework is, at times, too “clean” and rigid, not enough life or expressiveness to it, in my opinion. Too OCD or anal retentive or something. I’ve never wanted to draw exactly like any other artist, I’ve always wanted to have my own unique visual style. But I think that is just like our personalities in that we are an amalgamation of our influences and experiences, filtered through what is distinctly us, and manifested as something unique.