Project Description


At long last, a Star Wars reference! When I saw this prompt, I figured I had to relate it to being tempted by the dark side of the Force. I went through a few different iterations in my Brain, including having Squid Vader standing (…does a squid stand?) on the platform with PMD hanging on over the air shaft holding out a sign saying “I’ll never join you!” or something, but I couldn’t figure out how to fit it in the page format and have it be clear enough. I watched the scene between Vader and Luke for inspiration and came up with this idea. I had a few other ideas for what would be on his sign, but this is the most similar to what Vader says when he makes this gesture.

This was fun, but complicated. I spent a lot of time trying to have the helmet read as Plunger Monkey, rather than just Darth Vader (it had to have a plunger, of course). I could have spent so much more time on the details and the textures and such, but I reeled myself in. I thought about using some solid blacks in areas, but just couldn’t bring myself to commit to it.

Anyway, I’m glad I finally kept my streak alive and snuck in at least one homage this Inktober to one of my greatest creative influences.