Project Description

INKTOBER 2022 Day #31: FARM.

I had a couple of other ideas for this one, like PMD surrounded by farm animals wearing plungers, but as soon as this image popped into my head, I knew I had to do it. I don’t know that Grant Wood’s American Gothic was directly “farm” themed, but the subjects always looked like farmers to me. Dude had a pitchfork and overalls. Often when I reference pop culture, activities, or famous art, it’s usually because it has had some impact on my life. I can honestly say, despite it’s iconic status, American Gothic has had basically zero impact on me creatively. The closest I could get is that I’m sure we looked at slides of it during one of the many art history classes I had to take. That said, I always have a default level or respect for any art or artist that manages to have their work widely recognized and to live on beyond them. I think it’s one of those things that artists of all stripes hope to achieve on some level: to be known and remembered for the things we create. The paradox being that creation is a compulsion, creators are driven to create even if it doesn’t pay the bills and no one ever experiences their art.

And now, that’s that. It took almost exactly one month extra, but Inktober 2022 is in the books (and will eventually be in Inklings Volume 2…). Inktober tends to mark a busy time of year for me. Aside from the challenge itself, I have my custom xmas card to make, envelopes to draw on, xmas to think about, and of course my annual submission to American Ninja Warrior. This year, throw into the mix moving my studio, building a custom art desk, and working on some commissions. I don’t mind having projects and goals, but also like to actually complete some of them…and make room for others.