Project Description

INKTOBER 2023 Day #11: WANDER.

“This prompt was really just an excuse for me to do some fun character designing. I’ve always been fascinated with the wanderer-type character in the fantasy novels I’ve read. I have a very romanticized vision of it, and it’s very appealing. Traveling the land with minimal possessions (there’s a whole detour I will attempt to refrain from taking about materialism and how the physical objects in our lives control us, myself included), only carrying what you need to get by, having a deep connection with nature and knowledge of how to survive, being intentionally removed from ‘the rat race’ and modern stresses. No obligations or responsibilities, just living. I spend a lot of time thinking about it and daydreaming about what it would be like. I get a small taste of it whenever I go hiking and camping, but I think in reality, there are certain modern conveniences I wouldn’t want to go without for too long, drawing and creating would be a lot more challenging, and I definitely have some attachment issues with some of my possessions that would be hard to get over. That fantasy also ties into my interest in designing and making my own ‘wanderer’ clothing, mostly wool coats and capes and bags and things. In fact, what PMD is wearing is just me working out some thoughts on some sewing projects I have kicking around in the back of my mind. Realistically, though, what he’s wearing would probably be a bit more tattered and dirtier. Perhaps he just hit the road for the first time, though…”

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