Project Description

INKTOBER 2023 Day #19: PLUMP.

“I’ve always thought ‘plump’ sounded like onomatopoeia to me. Apparently, I wasn’t wrong, as, along with the more well-known definition, it also means ‘the sound of a sudden, heavy fall’. I submit that it’s also the sound a plunger makes when suddenly applied to an R2 unit. Besides, I think astromech droids would qualify as ‘plump’ in the more traditional sense, too. Sort of. At least they are plumper than protocol droids, battle droids, inventory droids, medical droids, mouse droids…I guess maybe not gonk droids, though. They may be the plumpest in the ‘Star Wars’ universe.
Instead of searching for photo reference this time, I just so happen to have an 18” or so tall R2 unit my wife gave me decades ago. He’s supposed to be programmable and has a bunch of voice commands and stuff, but I never figured out how to use him. He makes for a really nice, high-quality stature of sorts, though. R2 is a relatively simple shape to draw but with a lot of little details that help identify him against the host of other astromechs that are part of ‘Star Wars’ canon now. Drawing them was tedious, but fun. I think this might be the first time I’ve ever drawn R2D2. Well, I guess there was that one time just after college I took my white trash can with the domed lid and a couple of Sharpies and turned it into R2…which is still my studio trash can. He kind of needs another coat of paint at this point…”

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