Project Description

INKTOBER 2023 Day #21: CHAINS.

“The study and practice of martial arts has been a huge part of my life since 1995. Since becoming a parent, my time in an actual dojo has been more limited, but I still train on my own four to five days a week. Now that my kids are older, I hope to have the time to get into the dojo more frequently. Martial arts has influenced who I am, strengthened my physical and mental toughness, helped me through some challenging times, and resulted in my meeting my wife. I have studied the same art, Shotokan karate, since the beginning, but I have also dabbled in some other styles. I’ve trained with a few different weapons over the decades, including bo, sai, and sword. One weapon, or class of weapons, I’ve always been fascinated by but have yet to learn are the flexible ones, like the chain whip, rope dart, and meteor hammer. They are prevalent in Chinese styles, but not so much in karate. They seem to be an interesting analogy to martial arts in general, requiring a certain suppleness but also strength, fluidity but hardness. Someday I’ll make an excuse to learn.”

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