Project Description

INKTOBER 52 2023 Day #5: MIGHTY.

I have always loved comics, and when I was young I read pretty much exclusively Marvel (there were some Dark Horse titles I grabbed, too, and then a bunch of the hot Marvel creators left and started Image, so I also followed some of those titles by the creators I had become a fan of. Much later I got into manga and some independent stuff and have gravitated towards the longer graphic novel formats). I preferred the “merry mutants” though, and I read and collected basically every title with an X in it. I never really read Thor, but I knew who he was. It wasn’t until later that I developed an interest in Norse mythology-which inspired the name of one of our children-and then the Marvel movies started coming out and I began appreciating some of the non-mutant superheroes.

I wanted to come up with something clever for this prompt, but my Brain kept saying “The Mighty Plunger”, a riff on The Mighty Thor comic. Whenever I try to go against what my Brain wants, I usually just spin my wheels and eventually cave. There was supposed to be a comic title and such at the top, which may have helped this image some, but I ran out of room.