Project Description

INKTOBER 52 2023 Day #9: BOTANY.

I really struggled with an idea for this one. I mean, botany, really? What a weird thing to illustrate. I almost went with a Disney Magic Kingdom style shaped shrubbery, but obviously PMD instead of that other guy, and of course topped off with a plunger. It just didn’t do it for me, though, despite how impressed I found seeing those Disney shrubs in person was back when I was a kid. I’m not quite sure what the sequence of events was in my Brain that lead me to this particular image, but here we are. It probably doesn’t convey “botany” particularly well, but he’s in a tree-with a magnifying glass no less-so it’s at least botany adjacent. And really, a similar complaint could be made about all of these illustrations, because clarity is somewhere way down on my list after “be weird” and “be amusing (to me, at least)”.