Project Description

INKTOBER 52 2024 Week #10: FLIGHT.

“’Flight of the Navigator’ was such a fun movie with some great practical effects. I never had a reason to think about it or notice until I drew this image, but ‘Max’ (what the main character David decides to call the alien ship) has a very Plunger Monkey-esque silhouette (or I suppose it should be the other way around…). I was so struck by that I forgot to put a plunger on him.
This is at least the second time ‘flight’ has shown up as a prompt in either Inktober or Inktober 52. I always find it a little extra challenging when that happens, because I want to come up with something different. The first time around I of course drew Fishy McFishington, but I figured I couldn’t really do that again because of some warped, internal, artistic moral code or something. The only other thing my Brain allowed me to think about was this classic Disney movie, which I knew would be challenging because Max is essentially all chrome. Just another reminder I ought to spend more time doing materials studies.”

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