Project Description

INKTOBER 52 2024 Week #12: SPRING.

“This is my sentiment every spring. I suppose I don’t necessarily have anything really against the season. Seeing things blossom and ‘green up’ is cool, and that means trips to my ‘happy place’ (the magical beach my family has spent summers at for generations) are right around the corner. But the bugs come out with a vengeance, and I’m one of those lucky people that seems to be a magnet for both mosquitoes and black flies, the latter of which I’m mildly allergic to.
I really love the winter, though. I love the cold and the snow. I love the way the snow clings to all the bare branches as well as the pine trees. I love the way it blankets the landscape, simplifying and smoothing everything out. I love how quiet and muffled the world seems when the snow is falling. I love barreling down mountains snowboarding (the season never feels long enough), trying to fluidly carve back and forth, adjusting to the bumps and hollows, the cold air blasting my face. I love sleeping outside on the coldest night of the year, testing out some of the wool coats and stuff I make. I love layering up and battling the elements, or just wrapping in a heavy wool blanket or two and hanging out by a fire. Finding ways not just to survive in cold weather but to thrive is invigorating and challenging, and I love challenges. I think it makes me stronger and reminds me I’m alive.
All that said…how weird is the whole concept and tradition of Groundhog Day? I mean, I suppose one could gauge how soon the season would shift by paying attention to cues in nature, but the whole ‘seeing his shadow’ thing? I know it’s not an accurate way to predict the weather, but I still get irritated when that day rolls around and people start talking about the end of my snowboarding season.”

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