Project Description

I had a lot of fun with these panels. I also started measuring with an actual ruler to make sure my panel dimensions were more accurate, going from sketchbook to Photoshop. The perspective of the fish in panel 1 is a little screwy, as are some of the proportions of PMD and I in panel 2, but overall I like my lines and textures and details. With the exception of the foreground tree silhouette on the bottom right of the panel, I’m really happy with panel 3. By this point, I was spending a heck of a lot of time on each panel, which makes it tough to stay ahead of things, but it’s very satisfying. Even still, I’m much faster at turning around a panel with this level of detail than I was a year or more ago, so there’s some progress. A lot of it is about self confidence and just being able to let go of the mistakes and imperfections and move on to the next panel.