Project Description

Just before xmas 2018, my sister informed us all that she had to put her old (and last) dog Jasmine down. It was pretty heart breaking, she was such a fixture of my sister’s family for so long. So, I did what I have taken to doing when someone has to say goodbye to a furry loved one and painted this portrait of Jas. I knew Jas well, she really was a great dog, I did my best to capture her essence in a way that photos can’t. I know the holiday season is a challenging one at the printing and framing shop I use for these portraits (Riverside Art in Fall River, MA), so with just two weeks left, I didn’t think I could turn it around fast enough for them to have it ready to give to my sister when I saw her on the 23rd. But, they are amazing and they pulled it off just in time for me to present it to my sister and her family in person.