Project Description

On book 2 I added the main character’s sword. The author sent me an image of what she envisioned it looking like, but I realized it was from an existing fantasy series. I asked her if she wanted me to design her a sword, and she enthusiastically said yes. I enjoy designing fantasy weapons, it’s one of those things I’ve always doodled since I was younger, so this was a fun challenge. She wanted it to have runes of some kind, so I asked her if there was a particular phrase she like or one that was relevant to the story or character. She gave me one, but it was far too long to fit on the blade, but the gist of it was simply “justice”. So that’s what the Nordic runes say.

It’s extremely subtle here, but there’s a slight shift in the daylight starting on this cover, as well. One of the things we discussed in order to create some differentiation between all the covers was having the time of day change. She tends to ask for a lot of night time scenes with the moon, so I thought we could do something cool over the course of the 5 covers.

Here’s a close up: