Attack of the Life

Well, I blew my streak of consecutive weekly posts last week. There was a very good reason, though: LIFE!

But first: ART.

Back in June, my brother’s family dog, Tweed, passed away. He was 15 years old and had been struggling with several health issues for many years, it’s kind of amazing he lived as long as

Gallery Update: Ivy (and other goings-on)

Yet another catch-up post (not ketchup…that would be messy) from before xmas. As I’ve stated in other posts, I’ve developed this habit of digitally painting portraits of people’s pets (Mr. Flangheddy, the best freshmen and junior year high school English teacher, would be proud of my alliteration). This time around, it was for my cousin

Gallery Update: Coco

I’m really not looking to go into the business of painting portraits of people’s late pets, but in the last year I’ve found myself doing just that 3 times (so far…everyone else’s pets had better stay healthy). I finally added the first two to the gallery, Quegan and Max, which I

Gallery Update: Pet Portraits

Hey, another week, another update! Consistency!

I’m still trying to catch up on some of those blog post ideas I’ve mentioned several times now. I have a few more to go. I finished up a page in 10 Things and I was slowly trying to wrap my head around the next, very complex page when I