Update: I’m Alive

Yes indeed, I’m not dead! Yet! (I feel happy…)

It’s been far too long since I’ve updated, and almost as long since I’ve had consistent studio time. I spent almost all of June plowing through some house renovations (some of which have been on the “to do” list for 11 years, so it was about time anyway) that needed to be done before we hosted my wife’s family for a reunion the first week of July. Between that and scout responsibilities, the studio time sadly gave way first. However, the family have returned to their respective parts of the country, so

Tablet Art: Smile For The Camera

Right. So, once again, there’s been a gap in posting. There’s been a gap in studioing, too (yes, I’m making that a verb). I had to spend a week performing my civic duty by serving on a jury in a particularly disturbing trial. If not for the subject matter, the whole experience was actually kind of interesting and rewarding. I have a new found understanding of and respect for the concept of a jury of one’s peers. I’m glad to be back in the studio, though.

The first tablet drawing I did (a few weeks ago, now), after finishing up that

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